Afternoon Weddings? Why Consider?

Afternoon Weddings? Why Consider?20151003_115217

Afternoon Weddings Aboard the Skansonia

It is very common for most couples to think that evening weddings are the only option they have. I know when I was planning my big day, I didn’t know any other way. I assumed I was supposed to serve a dinner menu and dance until the late hours. I was not introduced to afternoon weddings until I came aboard the Skansonia, and WOW! What a change of pace! 

There are many reasons to why afternoon weddings are a plus. The most common is that you are able to SEE and take in every detail of your big day. There are many NOT so obvious reasons for an afternoon wedding.

BUDGET FRIENDLY. Afternoon weddings allow the couple to focus their budget on other aspects of their celebration, like their honeymoon. The cost of food and beverage go down due to the time of day. Aboard the Skansonia, our afternoon weddings are from 12-5pm. Your guests are not expecting to have a full dinner meal.  This allows room to get creative with your menu. Appetizers and food stations are the current trend. Our award winning catering offers a variety of items, including a delicious brunch menu. Treat your guest to an assortment of freshly baked pastries from our in-house bakery. Let the smell of a Honey-Glazed Ham tease your appetite. Beverages also decrease. Guest tend to drink more in the evening. Here’s another great way to get creative! Add a bit of spice and allow your guest to construct their own drink at a Bloody-Mary bar. Have a beverage station for your guest to indulge in  lavender lemonade, sweet ice tea, or a special punch.

PRIVACY. Afternoon weddings allow the couple to escape to a private or more intimate celebration. Many couples do an intimate dinner with close family and friends. Other couples plan an-all-out dance fest at a local bar or club. We are in prime location to escape into the city nightlife to finish your celebration.

CONVIENCE. Many couples have a family and friends who travel to be a part of their special day. This task of picking a convenient location, date, time all play a factor when planning the perfect day. Afternoon weddings help cater to those that have a lot of traveling guest. It has a convenient time that allows your guest to return to their destinations that evening if desired. And for those guest who plan to be tourist. They will have the remaining of the day to explore. Your guest adventure would start aboard a historic ferry, surrounded by picture perfect views of Seattle’s Sky-line, with the back drop of an active lake full of adventure. We are located close to the heart of Seattle, Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and down the street from the nightlife of the University District.

Afternoon weddings are becoming the new trend! Would you consider?


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