Rain, Rain Go Away!!

“It only rains twice a year in Seattle. August through April, and May through July.”

Well the rain mSkansonia-Lloyd-Photographers433368ight not be quite so dramatic, but I do know that once I started working at the Skansonia I began getting more anxious everytime I heard “rain” in the forecast.  On event days it has become natural for me to look west as I head up the gangway to mentally fight off those thunder clouds.

While a lot of couples getting married at the Skansonia paint the vision of themselves standing at the bow of the Skansonia, with sunset and Space Needle backdrop- sometimes we do have to move to Plan B.  We can wait and push the ceremony back, but we don’t let rain stomp on your parade (or wedding as the event may have it).  We drop our mid-ship garage door and create a soft backdrop with ivory and taupe chiffon, and line the ledges with our electric tea-light candles. For your guests we have the covered promenade for them to visit through the reception to enjoy the view, but keep their heads covered.

Here a couple of shots courtesy of Lloyd Photography of how we (and your photographer) can make the glass half full.

Thank you to Rachelle and Ross (August 2015) and Kelsey and Chris (November 2015).