MV Skansonia Tour Dates

Come take a personal tour and discuss the details of your event with our Catering & Event Specialist!
Call to book an appointment or visit us on an open tour day!
Please call (206) 545-9109 or email:

Open Tours
We would be happy to show you around any day of the week by appointment.
Sun. July 23- 10-5pm
Thurs. July 27- 10-5pm
Fri. July 28- 10-6pm
Sat. July 29- 10-4pm

Tues. August 1st | 10-7pm
Wed. August 2nd | 10-3pm
Thurs. August 3rd | 10-4pm
Fri. August 4th | 10-5pm
Sat. August 5th | 10-4pm
Sun. August 6th | 10-5pm
Mon. August 7th | 12-7pm
Tues. August 8th | 10-5pm
Wed. August 9th | 10-4pm
Thurs. August 10th | 10-5pm
Sun. August 13th | 10-4pm
Mon. August 14th | 12-6pm
Tues. August 15th |10-6pm
Wed. August 16th |11-7pm
Thurs. August 17th | 10-4pm
Fri. August 18th | 10-3pm
Mon. August 21st | 10-6pm
Tues. August 22nd | 10-6pm
Wed. August 23rd | 10-6pm
Thurs. August 24th | 11-7pm
Fri. August 25th | 10-4pm
Sat. August 26th | 10-4pm
Mon. August 28th | 10-6pm
Tues. August 29th | 10-6pm
Wed. August 30th | 10-6pm
Thurs. August 31st | 11-7pm